What You Should Know Before Renting or Buying A House 

Lynnet Okumu
The decision to rent or lease a house all depends on your monetary circumstances. You only go for one which you can comfortably afford.

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Are you planning to rent or buy a house for your family? If yes, then you must have thought of doing so in a peaceful environment since it is every family person’s dream.

However, deciding to rent or lease a house depends on monetary circumstances. You only go for one which you can comfortably afford.

Renting A House 

Renting a house comes with a fair share of decision-making and thorough research. The secret is to ensure you are well informed about the details of the house before renting.

This will prepare you to avoid mistakes that might later cost you time and resources in the long run.

While in the process, questions such as Is the neighbourhood safe? Are there schools nearby? What are the bus routes? Are you close to hospitals? What kind of amenities are in the area? Among other essential things 

Before settling on a particular house, find out the fair market rent. You can do this by asking around real estate agencies for market values to determine the accurate and fair value of similar houses to your property.

Most importantly, consider your budget. Take a keen look at your finances and decide on how much you are willing to spend on renting a house.

First, try to plan out what kind of expenses you can cut out to save more in case you need to rent a better and more comfortable house.

Also, ensure you get to know what is inclusive of the rent you’ll be paying. Remember to allocate extra just in case they cost you more than you initially thought it would.

Ensure you know everything there is to know when it comes to your rights in your new home.

Buying a House 

Just like the case of renting a house, before buying a house, you should learn how to analyze what affordability means. You’ll need to consider various factors ranging from the debt-to-income (DTI) ratio to mortgage rates etc.

But first, make a list of wants, needs, and deal-breakers. This will be a helpful way to guide you through the process without forgetting some of the features that are important to you and your family.

Find a location that will allow easy access to places you will frequently go to, including work, school, shopping, recreation, place of worship, friends and family, etc.

You might also want to decide ahead and check out the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen layout to ensure they will be able to serve your family well.

If you are willing to look at all houses in your price range that meet your basic requirements, regardless of the age, you may see homes from several decades.

One important factor, however, is to determine your price range. Buying a single-family home is a huge investment, and there’s always more to it than just the purchase price. Consider how all costs will affect your finances and stick to your decision on price range and mortgage payment.

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Which is better: Renting or Buying a House?

There is no specific answer to this It all depends on your circumstances and funds, objectives, and how you wish to live.

Is Home Ownership A better Investment?

Buying a house can be lucrative because you might have the option of developing its value.

Regarding land, factors such as location, the economic situation, upkeep, and natural factors can influence the general worth.

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