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Every brand is unique. We value the original vision which enables a brand to hold its own and excel in the future. We believe that every partnership begins with trust and Khusoko’s work thrives on the integrity of the relationships we have with our readers and clients.  

At Khusoko we believe there is no division between strategy and creativity – and we refuse to separate them. Our vision is to be a “Trusted & Authoritative East African Financial Business Platform” and our philosophy is to be “Entrepreneurial, Imaginative, and Passionate”.

Khusoko is also affiliated with the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE). BAKE ) is a community organization that represents a group of Kenyan online content creators and that seeks to empower online content creation and improve the quality of content created on the web.


We stand apart for reporting that stresses accuracy and credibility, commentary that is informed, independent and fair, and journalism that is rooted in ethical conduct and defined by a sacrosanct bond with the reader.

Khusoko delivers high-quality, reliable, and valuable information spanning – Technology, Health, Agriculture, Real Estate, Banking, Financial Markets, Entrepreneurship, and Arts and Culture.

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