What You Need to Know About Ardhisasa Platform in Kenya

The Ministry of lands has officially launched Ardhisasa platform that will see digitalization of land records in Nairobi county.

President Uhuru Kenyatta when unveiling Ardhisasa, a digital land information management system, marking the end of manual land transactions in Nairobi. Apr 27, 2021

Kenya is among the countries that have continuously embraced innovation. From M-Pesa to TIMS (Transport Information Management System) innovations the country has made commendable progress in terms of mobile money transfer and vehicle transfer easier.

The Ministry of Land has not been left behind. They are gradually innovating key functions.

Recently President Uhuru Kenyatta and CS Farida Karoney launched the National Land Information and Management System, known as Ardhisasa. This key innovation enables Kenyans to carry out land transactions online.

Let us explore the platform further. 

What is Ardhisasa?

Basically, Ardhisasa is a national land information management system developed by the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning in Kenya.

The platform is set to enable Kenyans to access credible, reliable and efficient land-based services.

 Who can register on Ardhisasa Platform?

The platform is open for all. An individual and a company can separately register on the system. This is because property transfer can be done between individuals, companies, individual to a company and vice versa.

The system has a provision for both.

 What are the documents required to register?

There are various documents required to register on the platform either as an individual or a company. These provide an opportunity to uniquely identify each party.

Documents required to register as an individual

  1. A serial number of your ID. A serial number is found at the back of your National ID.
  2. Official phone number registered using your National Identity Card.
  3. Personal email address 

  Documents required to register as a Company on Ardhisasa

  1. Company registration number – this means that a company needs to be legally registered in Kenya
  2. Official company phone number
  • Company email address

Can a Foreigner register on Ardhisasa?

Foreigners who have a Kenyan ID can be able to register on the platform. However, those without a Kenyan ID will soon be able to register as the Ministry of Lands is working together with the Immigration department to verify personal information.

 Which services are being offered by Ardhisasa?

 Land Registration

Registration of land in Kenya includes placing cautions/caveats on a property, registration and transfer of title deeds, replacement of title deeds, title deed search, payment of stamp duty and transfer of land.

All these processes are now available on Ardhisasa.

  • Land Administration

To begin with land selling companies such as Username Investments Limited purchases land in bulk adds value to it and subdivides to eighth-acre plots (50 x 100).

Previously such a process was manually done at the land registry but the Ardhisasa platform allows application for subdivision of land online.

Other activities being handled by the system under land administration include change of user, lease preparation, renewal of leases and placement of consents.

  • Physical Planning

Land use plan preparations, approval of part development plans and issuance of compliance certificate will also be done on the portal.

Real Estate Developers will no longer have to manually submit documents rather the same will done online.

Ardhisasa has now made things easier for land investors across the city of Nairobi and its suburbs like Kangundo road

  • Survey and Mapping

Previously, the combination of plots of land commonly known as amalgamation in Kenya involved the submission of hard copy documents at the Land’s Registry.

With Ardhisasa Platform, the same will be done online. This will also include new land grants either by the government or individuals, change of land use and re-survey of land.

Generally, all details regarding the survey and mapping will be done online.

  • Valuation

Land valuation before purchase, leasing or for purposes of access to credit was previously done manually.

Going forward valuation, government leasing, government purchase, estate administration and the arbitration will be done via Ardhisasa.

  • Adjudication processes and settlement of the same

There are a number of disputes related to land ownership. Previously, details of the same were available in a physical file.

Moving forward records of disputes and resolutions made on properties in Kenya will be available on Ardhisasa.

  • Land Allocation

The government has the power to allocate land to individuals and companies. This allocation will now be done online on the National Land Management system.

In conclusion, digitization of land records has been done successfully only in Nairobi Registry. Soon, the same will be rolled out in all land registries in Kenya.

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