Google Opens Product Development Centre in Nairobi

Google has opened a product development center in Nairobi, its first in the continent, to build products and services for the African market.

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city will host Google’s first product development center in Africa.

The center will develop transformative products and services for people in Africa and around the world. 

“The potential for Africa to become a leading digital economy is right on the horizon and Google is committed to accelerating Africa’s digital transformation through human capital and enabling ‘African-led solutions to African and global problems’ through better products,” said Nitin Gajria, Google in Africa MD.

It will be hiring engineers, product managers, UX designers, and researchers.

“We’re looking for talented, creative, and collaborative people who can help solve difficult and important technical challenges, such as improving the smartphone experience for people in Africa, or building products that will help everyone to thrive together,” Google said in an announcement. 

In 2020, Google for Africa received a $1 billion investment to fund projects that will provide fast, reliable, affordable internet across the continent.

The product development center is Google’s second major research and investment in Africa, after setting up an AI and research center in Ghana in 2019. 

“The new product development center is a continuation of that commitment,” Google CEO, Sundar Pichai says.

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