Radio Stations in Kenya Banned from Running Lotteries and Prize Competitions

BETTING and Licencing Board bans radio stations from running lotteries and prize competitions following rampant fraud.

Kenya’s Betting Control and Licensing Board has banned radio stations from running lotteries and prize competitions.

According to the board, some radio stations have gone against their licences  and begun to conduct “unauthorised gaming activities but has also affected the general messaging of prize competitions and lotteries to a menial “send and win that’ without informing the public.”

“This situation has turned some radio stations into betting shops while totally disregarding the watershed hours and the gaming advertisement guidelines,” the board said in a statement.

However, stations with a gaming permit will be allowed to do so,

“Permit holders will conduct draws witnessed by officers of the Board as per the law and only engage radio stations for normal advertisements as per the prevailing advertisement conditions.”

The development follows the formation of a task force by the Media Council of Kenya to review betting and related activities in media outlets.

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