Safaricom’s New App Consolidates All M-PESA Services for Better Experience

The M-PESA Super App has equally been designed to provide customers with a variety of convenient options when sending and receiving money including the addition of Pochi La Biashara and M-PESA Global options.

Peter Ndegwa ,Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Safaricom PLC during the launch of the M-Pesa App.

Kenya’s leading telco, Safaricom PLC, has launched a new lifestyle app designed to bring customers the convenience of front-end insights on M-PESA transactions including direct access to statements, spending, and so much more.

The new app, M-PESA, unlike the already existing mySafaricom App, focuses only on Safaricom’s mobile banking platform. It offers an intuitive and interactive solution that simplifies the M-PESA experience by converging several services including buy data, bill manager, M-PESA global, and space where users can save and grow.

 The simple user journey availed by the new M-PESA app is expedited by a design that houses everything under four categories: Transact, Discover, My Spend, and Grow.

From these navigations, users can access services such as sending and requesting money, making payments, withdrawals, Fuliza, and buying airtime, as well as book rides or buy gift vouchers, enjoy all the M-Shwari services, and more.

As a game-changer, the M-PESA app brings a whole new perspective on analytics by allowing customers to visualize monthly expenses and a breakdown of their spending per category for a period of up to 6 months. And on top of offering full statements, it introduces Favorites and Frequents, a quick feature that allows a user to select contacts and businesses to complete a transaction. It is a welcome feature applicable for Send Money, Pay Bill and Buy Goods transactions.

The new app can be used in offline mode, that is, it functions well even when data is turned off. You don’t need to have an active internet connection.

Another convenient feature that distinguishes the M-PESA app from its predecessors is that a user can request money from another M-PESA user and send money to many individuals simultaneously. The availability of QR code scanning takes things a notch higher. One can use this feature to scan a code to send money, withdraw, or Lipa na M-PESA.

Better yet, the app introduces mini-apps that avail 3rd party services that consumers frequently use. This negates the need to download multiple apps to help a user make other transactions such as paying for parking fees or any other county services, transport, access banking service, settle utility bills, and pay for food and goods from various merchants. Best of all, the app continues to add more services from different sectors to make it all-inclusive.

With many Kenyans still erroneously sending money to the wrong persons, M-PESA negates this hassle by incorporating Safaricom’s Hakikisha service. Customers will be prompted to confirm the name and number before keying in their M-PESA PIN for the transaction to go through.

In an App-Economy where various financial institutions and other companies are constantly and competitively fronting their apps with enticing offers, the new Safaricom M-PESA app is the bridge that seeks to enhance payments and help them sell better. It serves to connect millions of M-PESA users with businesses and with each other accelerating financial growth and inclusion across sectors.

There is a ton of other activities that the new M-PESA app can achieve. If you want to try them out, you can get early access to the app on Playstore for Android users and Apple’s App Store for iPhone users. You will also receive 500MBs worth of data bundles after signing up!