Scale Launches Online Procurement Platform for Kenyan SMEs

Scale is also Kenya’s first, fully online bid preparation and tender management tool that has been developed by local talent for local businesses that have been skipped over by technology providers.

Scale's Head of Customer Success Phyllis Githaiga

Scale, a digital platform where businesses find the perfect conditions to discover tender opportunities, get guidance on how to respond, and digitally create winning tender responses, has launched an online platform that will allow businesses to take part in the procurement process.

Marvin Tumbo, Co-founder and CEO of Scale says SMEs have been greatly affected especially by the changes in procurement processes. He says they have already onboarded over 3,300 businesses signed up and using the platform to manage their tendering.

“Our solution not only addresses the historic barriers to procurement that SMEs face but is also perfectly positioned to ensure that SMEs continue to do business and prosper,” he says.

Scale is a fully digitized subscription-based solution that is accessible online from anywhere and at any time. The system has been designed to help SMEs minimize
the bidding errors that come with the manual tendering process, shorten the time it takes to prepare tender responses by reducing the physical paperwork involved
and cut down on the overall cost of finding business opportunities and bidding for them.

Further, Scale comes with an expansive knowledge base that provides information and tips on how SMEs can continuously improve their business skills
and tendering capacity as they utilize the platform. SMEs can finally Bid with Confidence.