Standard Investment Bank Multi-asset Fund Posts 19% Returns in 2020

Investing seems complicated. How do I get started?

Standard Investment Bank (SIB) multi-asset strategy fund MansaX has posted marginal returns to investors in 2020 at 18.8 per cent from 19 per cent in 2019.

MansaX’s returns before fees stood at 23.8 per cent matching up a 24 per cent gross capital appreciation to investors registered in the previous year.

This was attributed to the resilience of the fund whose investment primary composes of investments in online foreign exchange markets, commodities and precious metals.

“2020 was a year characterised by high levels of uncertainty in the local and global markets. Even so, MansaX was able to prove its resilience by delivering an impressive return to our clients while protecting their capital from the downside risks attributed to the prevailing uncertainties,” stated SIB Executive Director for Global Markets Nahason Mungai.

MansaX also saw a Kshs. 891 million growth in its Assets Under Management (AUM) in Q4’2020, pushing the fund to an AUM of Kshs. 3.1 billion, a factor Mr. Mungai attributes to investors’ improved trust in the fund’s strategy and exceptional expertise.

MansaX is a multi-asset strategy fund that exposes retail and institutional investors to both local and global financial instruments in six key asset classes: currencies, commodities, precious metals, local and global stock indices, local and global single stocks as well as cash and fixed income.

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