Shelter Afrique Approves Rwanda’s 10000-unit Kinyinya Housing Estate 

Shelter Afrique Approves Rwanda’s 10000-unit Kinyinya Housing Estate 

Shelter Afrique CEO Andrew Chimphondah

Pan-African housing development financier Shelter Afrique has approved the development of  Kinyinya Park Estate project in Rwanda.

This is a 10,000 integrated and sustainable housing project.

The project is in partnership with Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB), Ultimate Developers Limited (UDL), Development Funding Institution (DFI), Eastern and Southern African Trade & Development Bank (TDB), The Development Bank of Rwanda(BRD) and an internationally acclaimed large scale Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) Contractor. 

The Kinyinya Park Estate project is Shelter Afrique’s second large-scale housing development project in Rwanda after the Company commissioned 3000 affordable housing units in Rugarama Park Estate in Kigali in June 2019.

Shelter Afrique Board Chairman Dr. Steve Mainda said the Company is committed to its 2019-2023 strategic goals, which focus on achieving both development impact on all large-scale housing projects.

“As a board, we are committed to ensuring that the Company achieves its mandate of providing affordable housing across Africa by embracing viable public-private partnerships such as the Kinyinya Park Estate housing project,” Dr. Mainda said.

Rwanda’s Ministry of Infrastructure has developed the Urbanisation and Rural Settlement Sector Strategic Plan 2018-2024. The Strategic Plan focuses on integrated human settlement planning and coordination; development of the City of Kigali and secondary towns, creation of liveable, well-serviced, connected, compact, green and productive urban and rural settlements with a cultural identity; access to social and affordable housing, and informal settlements upgrading.