Kenyan Senate Vote to Adjourn Revenue Formula Debate

This is Ksh 5.6 billion higher than the estimates that had been published by the National Treasury.

The Kenyan Senate on Tuesday voted to adjourn debate on the Revenue Sharing Formula.

According to the results, Senators voted 34-26 to adjourn the sitting, with one abstention on the Approval of the Third Basis for Revenue Allocation among the 47 County Governments.

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Murkomen moved the adjourn motion calling for dialogue that would lead to consensus.

“For us to appreciate this kind of conversation, I’m requesting my colleagues let’s give dialogue one more chance. Let’s adjourn this motion for us to have a conversation on how to find a way forward that can unite all of us,” Murkomen urged.

“There’s an opportunity for all of us, as a Senate, to have a conversation on this subject matter and come to a conclusion where those who are losing by a huge margin may perhaps lose very little. We cannot close our eyes on the conversation that Mandera even though it has few people now, it’s because its potential has not been exploited,” he said.