Kenya Unveils Policy Documents to Support Primary Healthcare

Kenya Unveils Policy Documents to Support Primary Healthcare

Kenya’s Ministry of Health on Thursday launched the Primary Health Care strategic framework, and the Community Health Policy to support primary healthcare in the country.

The ministry said this was a justification for its commitment to revitalize the Primary Health Care systems in Kenya, as a critical pillar in the realization of Universal Health Coverage.

Mutahi Kagwe, cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Health, said the primary healthcare strategic framework 2019-2024 and community health services policy 2020-2030 will ensure that health services provided are responsive to the specific needs of the community.

“These two documents will bring healthcare closer to people and give broader focus on preventing diseases, promoting healthy behavior and addressing the drivers of ill health,” Kagwe said during the launch that was held in Nakuru County. 

“With these policy documents, we intend to invest more for primary healthcare, for sustainable primary healthcare,” he added.

The PHC Strategy has proposed innovations sustainable through a financial provision that will be harnessed from the National Treasury and stakeholders.

In addition, the ministry said globally, the primary health care approach has been recognized as an effective way of making improvements, in health care delivery and addressing the heavy burden of diseases, therefore, contributing to better health, socioeconomic development, as well as achieving Universal Health Care (UHC).

As a result, the government aims to achieve 100 percent community health unit coverage nationally. Currently, it has recruited and trained 31,780 community health volunteers.

“This will ensure full coverage of community health services in the country, which will support home-based isolation and care for the COVID-19 pandemic and achievement of UHC,” he added.


On Thursday, the ministry reported that 512 patients had recovered from coronavirus while on home-based care within the last 24 hours while 58 others were discharged from various health facilities, bringing the total number of recoveries to 3,638.

However, 421 people tested positive for coronavirus out of 3,895 samples tested in the past 24 hours.  409 are Kenyans and 12 are foreigners.

Eight patients succumbed to the virus, bringing the total number of fatalities to 217.

The total number of tests carried out so far are 230,096.