6 Key Signs your Partner Is Emotionally Safe

An emotionally safe partner will honestly and directly tell you what they want to gain from the relationship, how they feel about your friendship with another guy or how bad you're the food you made tasted.
An open window, replica to the Heart And It’s Matters in a relationship

Imagine being in a relationship where you feel you are not authentic.

Even if you trust your partner completely, you cannot express all of your emotions and thoughts to them.

If it has ever happened to you, you should know that your relationship was not emotionally safe. The person you loved exhibited emotionally unsafe behaviours.

So, what is emotional Safety?

Being emotionally safe around someone means you are comfortable enough to express 100 per cent of your thoughts, opinions, and feelings around them.

It means you completely trust each other and can openly communicate on comfortable and uncomfortable topics, get vulnerable, relaxed, and, most importantly, safe.

Most people do not realize they have emotionally unsafe partners until they are deeply tangled and suffered emotional damage.

Signs to Look Out When Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Partner

If you are getting into a relationship, here are six signs that can help you know whether the person is emotionally safe.

They listen to you when you express your feelings

An emotionally safe partner will always give you a listening ear even if they disagree with you.

They do not immediately invalidate your words or dismiss you by saying phrases such as ‘get over it’, you are exaggerating’, or even, ‘you shouldn’t feel that way’.

They want to get to know the whole story. Why? How? and what makes you have that feeling?

They directly communicate their feelings

An essential thing in a relationship or marriage is communication.

Some expect their partners to know how they feel because they have been living together for a long time.

You ought to communicate. Do not assume. Living together does not guarantee someone can automatically read your mind and thoughts.

An emotionally safe partner will honestly and directly tell you what they want to gain from the relationship, how they feel about your friendship with another guy or how bad you’re the food you made tasted.

They believe in growing together

Emotionally safe partners know their place in a relationship. They understand they have a part to play in making it work.

This person understands that building relationships requires open communication, vulnerability, mutual acceptance and commitment.

Their words match their actions

If you want to know your partner is emotionally safe, recall the number of times they have kept their word.

Do they do something they promised to do? Are they predictable? But the best part is that they will also tell you if they can’t do it.

If something changes, affecting their performance, they will communicate in time.

They keep your relationship confident

When you have an emotionally safe partner, you are not worried that you’re relationship issues will be out of the bag without your knowledge.

This person does not share your confidential things with his friends or family and respects you as his equal, not a competitor.

They own their role

Emotionally safe partners do not have an ego or pride. When it comes to your relationship, they are ready to take responsibility for their mistakes, apologize for hurting you and strive to reach a common ground to improve things.

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