Safaricom, Gulf African Bank Introduce Halal Pesa Financing Solution

Halal Pesa by Safaricom and Gulf African Bank becomes the first Shariah-compliant mobile and digital financial solution in Kenya.

From (L) to (R) Safaricom's PLC Tribe lead payments, Boniface Mungania, Safaricom Chief Special Project, Joseph Ogutu, Gulf Africa Bank, Managing Director, Abdalla Abdulkhalik, Safaricom's CEO Peter Ndegwa and Deputy CEO Anui Mediratta, Gulf African Bank pose for a photo at the Halal Pesa launch in Fort Jesus, Mombasa County.

Safaricom PLC  and Gulf African Bank, have partnered to launch Halal Pesa, a Shari’ah-compliant mobile financing solution, another milestone in Kenya’s financial inclusion efforts.

The mobile financing platform aims to serve Kenyans, especially those seeking mobile financial financing that adheres to Sharia principles.

M-Pesa customers will be able to deposit savings in a safe way and contribute to various religious and social activities while earning Halal benefits that are abiding with Sharia-compliant.

Customers accessing financing through the service will receive the amount requested in full with a repayment period of 30 days at a 5 per cent commodity Murabaha margin.

“Kenya is now a highly innovative, interconnected, and fast-paced community that requires solutions on the go. All our digital offerings including Halal Pesa, seek to directly address this aspect. Our current strategy is focused on digitization for financial inclusion. Our aim is to provide instantaneous access to interest-free credit through Halal Pesa. We are glad that we could partner with a like-minded partner like Safaricom limited to advance this vision,” said Abdalla Abdulkhalik, MD, Gulf African Bank.

“We remain keen on partnerships that enable us to provide a wide variety of financial solutions that meet the diversified needs of our customers further broadening financial inclusion to ensure that we leave no one behind. Gulf African Bank is a strategic partner that will enable us to deliver affordable and convenient M-PESA services such as Halal Pesa that are Shariah-compliant in accordance to the Islamic faith,” said Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom.

All M-Pesa customers can access Halal Pesa as a Mini App under the “Grow” option on the M-Pesa Super App and by dialling *334# under “Loans and Savings”.

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