Taste of Beer: WhiteCap Crisp Meant for Lifestyle Conscious Consumers 

Kenya Breweries Limited relaunched its White Cap Crisp, an extension variant of White Cap Lager at 3 per cent alcohol by volume.

PHOTO | YDxagency

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has re-introduced to the market its WhiteCap Crisp, an extension variant of White Cap Lager. 

The WhiteCap Crisp is expected to be available in the market from April 2022.

KBL seeks to strengthen the WhiteCap Crisp variant to play a lead role in the “Low and No-alcohol” category, among 25–40-year-old female consumers as they seek to assert control over their lifestyles.

 “They (the drinkers) love hanging out with their friends over a meal as they enjoy their favourite beer during light drinking occasions especially lunch, business meetings or even after work out,” said Anne Joy Michira, the marketing and innovation director. 

“We are re-introducing it as a crisp beer at 3 per cent alcohol by volume,” she added.

KBL’s Managing Director John Musunga stated: “The WhiteCap brand continues to become more popular, proportionate to consumers’ gravitation towards healthier choices and tastes. It is important to innovate against unmet needs for our customers, moderators, occasional consumers and abstainers by offering a credible low and non-alcoholic option into their drinks’ repertoire.” 

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