Kenya Receives Ksh 38.5 bn in January Remittances from its Diaspora

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Kenya received Ksh 38.5  billion in January as remittances with the United States being the biggest source, accounting for 63.6 per cent of these funds, according to the Central Bank data.

The amount received represents a 21.7 per cent year over year growth in the diaspora remittances from Ksh.31.6 billion in January 2021 according to the CBK. 

However, the inflows were lower by 3.4 per cent compared to the USD 350.6 million in December 2021.

The CBK said this was in line with seasonal factors in its Weekly Bulletin.

In 2021, Kenyans abroad sent home Ksh 422 billion, an all-time record for the diaspora flows over a calendar year.

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