Kenyan Users Ranked Top for Making Grocery Orders on Glovo

Narek Verdian, Chief Technology Officer at Glovo says “Our users in Kenya order groceries more often than users in any other Glovo Country.”

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Spanish delivery app Glovo ranks Kenya top when it comes to users making grocery orders compared to any other region where it operates.

This is according to Narek Verdian, Chief Technology Officer at Glovo who says “Our users in Kenya order groceries more often than users in any other Glovo Country.”

Through his LinkedIn page, he said he will be in Kenya together with Elisa Caballero (Global Head of Engineering Strategy and Ops) and Roldán Galán (Staff Software Engineer at Glovo) in the month.

“Together with Elisa Caballero and Roldán Galán, looking forward to our upcoming trip to Kenya to spend time with Priscilla Muhiu and our fantastic team on the ground in Nairobi next week!

The on-demand delivery platform Glovo operates across 25 countries in Southern Europe. 

Glovo entered the African market at the end of 2018 in Morocco. It has operations in  Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria.

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In January, Australian consultancy firm Fairwork’s 2021 Labour Standards in the Gig Economy report named Glovo the best employer in Kenya’s gig economy for offering minimum wage and fair contracts.

Glovo scored seven out of 10 for providing its employees with best labour practices, with a rating of 10 being the best and zero worst.

“Glovo was the highest-scoring platform in Kenya in this scoring round, with 7/10,” the report says.

“While Glovo performed relatively well compared to other platforms in Kenya, it fell short of receiving advanced points in two key areas of importance to workers, namely pay and representation.”

Priscilla Muhiu, Glovo’s General Manager Kenya, said: “While the platform economy has opened up new opportunities, it’s fair to say that it has its challenges and needs improvements. As a company, we strive to set industry standards for a fairer gig economy with best practices framework at its core. As we strive to become an example of fair practices in the sector by committing to implementing comprehensive policies that improve the conditions of our collaborators, we are proud of this ranking as an acknowledgement to continue improving the gig space.’’

In late January, the firm become the first of its kind to achieve carbon neutrality across its entire value chain and has now set ambitious 2030 targets.

Glovo reached carbon neutrality just two years after setting the goal, the new targets include: upping sustainable packaging to account for over 92% of its orders, making the bulk of its courier vehicles non-combustible and sourcing 100% of renewable electricity for its own installations (including cookrooms, offices, micro-fulfilment centres by 2030.

Glovo plans to make Kenya its African headquarters that will serve as an operational hub for the whole continent.

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