SimpliFine Invests in New Processing Line to Cut on Frozen French Fries Imports

Simplifine (the firm which acquired Ennsvalley Bakery late 2021) say it has "commissioned a processing line to offer frozen french fries, increasing the supply and extending the shelf life of locally produced potatoes"

Steven Carlyon the SimpliFine president for Kenya

SimpliFine, a Kenyan integrated food producer, has commissioned its Individual Quick Freezing processing line to expand the production of fresh French fries to offer frozen French fries.

The company says this will reduce its reliance on imports. 

“SimpliFine launched its French fry business in 2021 and has built strong relationships with local suppliers and customers. We invested in new technology to produce quality French fries that serve a broader market in Kenya and the region,” said Steven Carlyon, the SimpliFine president for Kenya.

SimpliFine is leveraging BigCold’s advanced supply chain management and operational expertise to ensure locally sourced quality food is delivered to customers efficiently and safely.

The move follows three acquisitions in 2021 by SimpliFine’s parent company, BlackIvy: Ennsvalley Bakery, Alpha Fine Foods and a French fry production company based in Naivasha.

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