Wawira Njiru Named UN’s 2021 ‘Person of the Year’ in Kenya

Wawira Njiru has been named the 2021 Kenya United Nations person of the year for her contribution towards distribution of relief food to school going children in Kenya.

Wawira Njiru, the founder of Food4Education and winner of the first-ever Global Citizen Prize: Cisco Youth Leadership Award, is  United Nations Person of the Year in Kenya in recognition for her contribution towards the distribution of relief food to school-going children.

“I could not be more proud to help amplify the innovation, power, and dedication of Wawira Njiru,” said the World Food Programme’s country director for Kenya, Lauren Landis. “One school meal can change the course of a life and a country.”

Commenting on the UN recognition, Wawira Njiru said, “I am really grateful for the recognition, such things are never taken for granted. The time is now for every Kenyan child to have access to nutritious meals in school.”

Food4Education was founded in 2016 to deliver meals to schoolchildren in Kenya. Njiru began by preparing, cooking, and serving 25 meals per day.

She is able to source fresh food from smallholder farmers and use Tap2Eat digital platform to design a sustainable way to deliver high-quality nutritious meals.

Today, the organisation feeds over 33,000 children.