Safaricom: How to Check Phone Numbers Registered with Your ID

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Safaricom PLC has announced the introduction of a Short Message Service (SMS) allowing subscribers to check whether they are registered to more than one phone number.

This has been enabled through the *106# USSD code.

It should be noted that this is different from the 707 service which alerts the Safaricom customer when someone tries to register a new SIM card with their ID number.

How to use the *106# Service

  • Dial *106# on your Safaricom mobile phone
  • From the list, select “Check registered numbers”
  • Safaricom will display and send you an SMS with phone numbers registered using your identification.

How to Deregister a number

  • The next prompt will allow you to report the unrecognized number.
  • Safaricom will send you a confirmation that the number will be investigated within six hours.
  • In case you recognize the number or have requested for cancellation by mistake, you can still reverse the investigation request within the six-hour period.