Phone Fraud Scam? #JichanueAndTakeControl With Safaricom

#JichanueAndTakeControl is Safaricom's initiative aimed at educating Kenyans on how to keep safe and avoid Phone fraud scam

Phone fraud scam is not a new thing in Kenya where most mobile users have fallen victims. Fraudsters often try to spoof the number of your mobile phone or social media accounts in order to persuade targets of the legitimacy of their request for personal and financial information.

Kenya’s telco sector led by Safaricom has realised that threats posed by scammers has grown significantly in recent years, and the sophisticated tactics used by these criminals lead to devastating consequences for victims.

As a result, it has come up with simple rules and measures dubbed #JichanueAndTakeControl to ensure that your phone and more importantly, the information on your phone remains safe. 

This is in addition to how you interact with their corporate social media platforms.

“Identity theft and social engineering fraud have been some of the most common forms of fraud targeted at our M-PESA customers. In FY21, we continued with our customer fraud awareness drive. We highlighted the issues through an above-the-line campaign under the tag Jichanue and Take Control, using radio, TV, and digital channels. With the aim to reach all customers, we sent out over 63 million SMS broadcasts. Additionally, our digital channels reached 9.5 million people and our radio campaign reached over 8 million people,” Reads part of its 10th Sustainable Business Report.

For instance, when it comes to mobile money transactions, especially M-Pesa, you should never tell your secret PIN to anyone.  Pin Yako, Siri Yako!

Safaricom will never ask you to share your passwords, whether it’s for your MPESA, bank or Sim. If they do, this is most definitely a scam and you can report the number and get it blocked.

How do you report a scam?

Report any suspicious numbers claiming to be from Safaricom by sending an SMS to 333. Safaricom only calls you via (+254) 722 000 000 and it is the only number they will call you from.

When it comes to the digital space, do not share your information with any other fake pages claiming to be Safaricom. Its’ official and verified pages on all platforms are Safaricom PLC. It uses the platform to share news, updates and provide online support to customers. 

Safaricom has also automated its services, thanks to Safaricom Zuri who is verified on Facebook and WhatsApp.  Zuri is able to help you with:

M-Pesa Reversals

Unsubscribing from annoying promo texts

Bill Payments

Balance Checks and

Airtime top-up- where you can top up from M-Pesa or Scratchcard

Safaricom Home internet stuff.

To access Zuri on WhatsApp, you will first need to save Safaricom’s customer care mobile number 0722000100 on their phone’s contact list.

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