Huawei Expands its East Africa Regional Training Center

Huawei has upgraded, and expanded East Africa Regional Training Center to provide highly practical-orientated training courses.

From left to Right, Chris Yuquan, VP Huawei Kenya; Mr. Frank Yang, Vice President, Huawei Southern Africa Mr. Duan Xuepeng, Huawei Southern Africa region Vice President, Jerome Ochieng PS, ICT and Innovation, Amb. Simon Nabukwesi -PS, University Education and Research, Ms. Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta - UNESCO Director of the Multi-Sectoral Office in Nairobi for East Africa

Huawei says it has opened its upgraded and expanded East Africa Regional Training Center to provide highly practical-orientated training courses. 

Located at AFRALTI in Nairobi, it has a wide array of the latest innovative equipment in mobile networks, fibre networks, energy solutions and other integrated telecommunications infrastructure.

Along with the highly skilled local instructors, it will provide training to telecommunications operators, government ICT officers, network contractors, industry partners and university students. 

Huawei’s East Africa Regional Training Center originally started operations in 2008 and has trained over 7,200 people across the region, contributing significantly to building the ICT ecosystem through talent development. 

Over the years the Center has relocated and expanded adding more physical network equipment for training, with the latest incarnation even more heavily focused on providing practical experience and skills with multiple base stations, antennas, indoor and outdoor cabinets and equipment rooms, solar and hybrid energy installations, poles for aerial fibre, manholes for underground fibre, and even a mock-up living room for learning how to install home fibre and wi-fi. 

Mr Duan Xue Peng , Vice President Huawei Southern Africa stated that the training centre is just one example of the pledges that will have long-term benefits to Kenya. 

“At Huawei, we are constantly exploring ways to innovate and build a supportive environment for the growth of the industry. It is critical that we not only develop the best technologies but also develop the best people across the whole industry to install and use those technologies. We plan to utilize it widely to benefit as many people as possible and put Kenya at the forefront of ICT,” he added.