Smash Your Goal Weight Sustainably With Lelo Sora

We had the pleasure of chatting with Lelo Sora, a certified nutritionist and weight loss coach, otherwise known as Lelo.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Lelo Sora, a certified nutritionist, and weight loss coach, otherwise known as Lelo.

Her demeanour and willingness to take you through her weight loss success has been her most considerable form of self-care to date. Talking candidly with her on shedding off extra kilos leaves you with the WOW factor of feeling nice about your body once more!

“I was in a toxic cycle of binging, food restrictions, starving myself feeling tired constantly and worst of all, I hated my body,” says Lelo.

Speaking to Lelo was nothing short of extraordinary. We were excited to talk about everything that makes her such an amazing nutritionist and great weight loss coach.

If you are wondering about the origin of her unique name, Lelo, a Borana, hails from Marsabit, in the Northern part of Kenya.

Speaking to Lelo was nothing short but extraordinary. We were excited to talk about everything that makes her such an amazing nutritionist and great weight loss coach.

What do you do? How long have you been doing it?

I’m a weight-loss coach who implements nutritional, workout, and mindset programs on my clients to help them achieve weight loss realistically.

I recommend home workouts, which are client-based.

Before, I did two things: content creation and weight loss coaching. When starting, I created food-related content before transitioning to weight loss content and coaching.

This was after I received feedback from my followers regarding my weight loss journey. I’d say my body has changed a lot through the years. 

People wanted to know what I had been doing. I saw the need and took up a nutrition and diet planning diploma course in June 2020. After getting the certification, I saw the program works and decided to help people desiring to lose weight attain results in a sustainable manner.

It wasn’t until October last year that I had my first batch of clients. I signed up 12 clients for my program. 

Have you ever interviewed weight-loss experts? If so, which pieces of advice did you hear over and over from different people?

A fitness expert who’s big in the industry and social media advocates for patience when dealing with weight loss clients.

Different clients have different needs and momentum. Because many people would like to lose weight, help them achieve that goal.

Which pieces of advice most surprise you?

It’s unnecessary to fast for days on end to lose weight. It’s not a realistic approach. Weight loss is a long term process. Drinking green tea or taking shortcuts isn’t sustainable. However, Keto, Paleo and intermittent fasting can work if it’s something that you can do continuously for more than six months.

Keto is a diet characterised by low carbohydrate and high-fat content. Paleo, on the other hand, emphasises eating whole foods.
Lelo Sora before she lost 20 kgs.

For women who want to lose weight, which challenges are most underappreciated?

Women or anyone willing to lose weight should get guidance on basic nutrition information. Don’t fall into weight loss gimmicks. Women are hormonal, and this affects their diet significantly when in a different emotional state. 

It’s essential all women know how to manage cravings, appetite and eat differently than what they’re used to.

Moral support and encouragement go a long way. Women have been conditioned to believe being big is beautiful. However, maintaining good health keeps your heart healthy and improves your lifespan.

Conversely, which areas of weight loss,—exercise, eating less fat— do you think are less important than most women assume they are?

Sleep and stress management are the key things people overlook. Sleep plays a crucial role in balancing hormones, body recovery, managing craving, and stress management. Prioritize sleep the same way you prioritize eating and working out.

Which diet mistakes do you find that women frequently make?

When starting to lose weight, they go into starvation mode. Don’t stop eating when you begin to lose weight. Don’t overlook the good fats.  Don’t cut out foods and natural fats because they are all important. 

Fats support your nervous system, balance your hormones, and manage the heart Proteins for bodybuilding, while carbs give you energy.

Instead, cut out processed foods (junk food) because they attack blood sugar and make you gain more weight.

What mistakes are most women making in terms of exercise? should they be doing more weights, a different kind of cardio, lifting heavier, training more often?

Start with essential cardio to get your heart rate up before moving onto other exercises.

Also, it is worth noting one exercise can’t help you achieve your goals. Keep combining different activities and adding intensity to see the results.

People’s health habits are heavily influenced by the people around them — what are some ways women can surround themselves with healthier influences?

Form a group with family members on the same weight loss journey. Request to join people working out in estates. Have an accountability partner. There are various Facebook groups supporting women on this course. If that’s not enough, a weight loss coach such as myself will help with your workout and mindset program.

Can you give an example of a workout routine you’d design for a typical weight loss client?

For starters, running, walking and household chores will play a vital role for someone who’s starting on the weight loss journey. However, I wouldn’t recommend someone who’s over 100 Kgs to run. Walking each day helps burn fat in your body.

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Can you give an example of a typical one-day eating plan for a woman who needs to lose 1-5 Kilograms?

Your body is in detox mode from the time you wake up until noon. Drink warm water, green tea if possible or eat fruits.

Afterwards, you can move to proteins (veggies, eggs, liver, last night’s dinner). For lunch, healthy carbs and fibre (rice ugali, potatoes, githeri (maize ad beans), legumes). 

In the evening, eat good quality proteins, vegetable. Cook using butter, then add some guacamole.

Breakfast: 9-10 hydrating or having some fruit before eating.

Lunch 1-3 depending on your schedule

Eat dinner 2 hours before you go to bed. This helps the body to digest food.

Any words of advice for those looking to lose weight and attain good health?

Consistency. Be it working out, or dieting, ensure you don’t lose focus once you attain your desired weight.

My success was the biggest form of self-care to date. And my aspiration is to help as many people who have been in my shoes and want change.

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