Bridging the Business Gap with Advanced Technology

Huawei Bridging the Business Gap

59 women in Business from 24 different organizations concluded a 3-day virtual training on integrating new technologies into their businesses. The training, organized by the Women in Technology Huawei (WITH) program, worked towards equipping the trainees with knowledge on how Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big data, and Cloud Computing would enhance their business operations.

Out of the 88 trainees, 59 successfully completed the training hours required, hence being awarded their certificates of completion.

This is the second cohort to receive cutting edge training in technology. The program is intended to foster inclusivity whilst encouraging the participants to integrate transformative technologies within their respective businesses or organizations. By doing so, it helps to drive innovation and growth within their respective organizations.

Brenda Omuse, a trainee, and founder of The Budget Kitchen applauded Huawei for building capacity within SMEs. She acknowledged the company’s efforts towards teaching Women-Owned Businesses how to integrate advanced technologies in bridging the digital gap, all while opening them up to the possibilities they present.

Integrating new technologies in any business strategy is essential to planning for its long-term success. This, in addition to inspiring technical advancements, is critical and in line with Huawei’s efforts to not only build a better-connected world but also bridge the digital divide through knowledge sharing. This has seen Huawei invest heavily in training both internal employees and our partners, thereby contributing to a knowledgeable local ICT workforce.

“The training on big data highlighted the need for SMEs to be open to growing, utilizing and monetizing their data,” noted Jackline Migot, a trainee from SME Founders Association.

The pandemic has not only served various organizations with curveballs but has also allowed various executives to rethink their digital strategies. It has also forced them to re-evaluate their ability to adapt to change and embrace technology so as not to be left behind or declared redundant.

Digital transformation cuts across various industries and has proven to enhance the quality of existing processes, and provide an efficient corporate culture, all while providing room to develop new solutions. As the world gears towards embracing the fourth industrial revolution, it is important for individuals and organizations to acquire the skills necessary to adapt and remain competitive.

 “The training not only catered to Huawei’s partners but also new participants with the aim of helping women-owned SMEs learn from a global organization such as Huawei, sharing and joining in our vision through knowledge sharing.” Maureen Mwaniki WITH Director and Vice director, delivery operation.

WITH operates under 6 main pillars with the aim of empowering women in STEM through mentorship and training. Launched in 2019, the program has offered training to over 300 participants.

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