Top Secret Habits for a Longer and Happier Life

After the covid-19 was officially named a pandemic, most people, including myself, disappeared to the safe haven-home.

With so much time on my hands, so did new skills come up mostly in the kitchen. Baking and trying out different recipes became the norm. Something I didn’t realize I loved so much. However, with the new skills also came that extra bulge, and not in the right areas.

To my surprise, I presume most Kenyans found an alternative morning hobby, jogging, running or cycling in the streets of Nairobi. The path to my healthy self was out there, accessible, affordable, and exhilarating.

Despite the joy that physical activities come with, have you ever wondered what else you could do to live a more fulfilling and longer life?

Not drinking alcohol, a healthy diet, and no smoking will go a long way towards your health boost.  That’s not all, you could live up to eight years, despite having chronic illnesses.

A recent study conducted for years from the United Kingdom Biobank tracked individuals with chronic diseases for six years.

The research centred on whether practising a healthy lifestyle affected life expectancy positively.

In this study, the definition of chronic diseases refers to a prolonged mental or physical health condition, including anxiety, heart failure, diabetes, asthma, dementia, and cancer.

Additionally, scientists scored each participating individual depending on their daily diet, whether they smoked or drank alcohol, and how much they exercised.

Below, this write-up discusses the journey to lead a more fulfilling life.

Throw away the cigarette

Early death and chronic diseases emanate from smoking. Research shows that the lives of smokers decline significantly; hence, they will likely die much earlier as compared to non-smokers.

For instance, if a person quits smoking at the age of 35 years, he or she may prolong their lives by 7.5 years.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Pancreatic, liver, and heart disease, as well as premature death, come as a result of overindulgence in alcohol consumption.

Drinking in moderation will, on the other hand, decrease early death by 19% and reduce the possibility of having chronic illnesses.

One study shows that men who preferred wine will likely live longer as compared to their counterparts who picked spirits or beer.

Since it has polyphenol antioxidants in high content, wine has come out as a beneficial drink. Additionally, it’s highly advisable to pair it up with food for a better working heart.

For moderate consumption, women should aim for at least one unit daily, while men should keep theirs under three units.

It’s, however, worth noting that drinking moderately doesn’t have any benefits.

Exercise as much as possible

Commitment to exercising frequently plays a big part in extending your life expectancy. According to research, individuals who exercise at least three hours weekly have DNA that’s at least nine years younger.

daily exercises improve your sleeping patterns and energy levels

For the best exercise routine, do a daily repetition. At first, it may be difficult but whenever you skip a day, always get back to the programme the following day.

Additionally, Rev up your body every day with home exercises such as free weights, stretching, and yoga.

Eat small portions of food

At the moment, there’s a lot of discussion surrounding longevity and calorie intake. According to human studies, reducing regular calories by about 20% dramatically increases someone’s lifespan.

The lesser the calorie intake, the more a person will live.

The lesser the calorie intake, the more a person will live

Restricting the number of calories going into the body will also reduce excess belly and body fat, both of which are associated with premature death.

Lead a happy life

Happiness is one life’s attribute that can extend your lifespan. A five-year study shows that happy individuals reduce early death by 3.7%.

Apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle, happiness will also reduce pain, protect your heart, boost your immune system, and relieve stress.

Drink tea or coffee

Both coffee and tea help you to live a life free of chronic illnesses. Green tea, for example, has catechins and polyphenols that reduce the risk of getting heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Both coffee and tea help you to live a life free of chronic illnesses.
PHOTO: Lisa Fotios. Pexels.

Coffee, on the other hand, decreases chances of getting brain ailments such Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, certain cancers, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

However, always remember that too much caffeine intake may lead to insomnia and anxiety. It takes up to six hours for the effects of caffeine to subside.

Typically,  it’s recommended that one takes around 400 mg of caffeine daily, an equivalent of four cups.

Although increasing your lifespan may seem challenging to achieve, leading a healthy lifestyle will ensure you age like fine wine.

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