Vocal Tanzania Lawyer Fatma Karume Removed Permanently From Advocates’ Roll

Fatma Karume

Fatma Karume I Courtesy

Fatma Karume, she was not only sacked by her law firm but now she has been permanently removed from the roll of advocates.

September 2019, she was indefinitely suspended from practicing law within the jurisdiction of mainland Tanzania by the High Court of Tanzania. 

This was in response to allegations of misconduct following her written submissions in a constitutional challenge to the President’s appointment of Professor Adelardus Kilangi as the Attorney General of Tanzania.

Through her Twitter feed Wednesday, Fatuma wrote, “I have been permanently removed from the roll of advocates. I will not be appealing the decision.”

“When you enter a fight you need to know who you are fighting, the rules of the battle, and the independence of the referee. When the rules are not clear, the referee is not independent, it’s not a battle. It’s a waste of your time. Save your energy for battles you can win,” she responded to Momanyi Samusi, a Political Scientist who had urged her to appeal.

According to Chambers and Partners, Fatma practice areas include Litigation, Arbitration, and Regulatory. She has ample experience in civil litigation, constitutional laws, and administrative laws. She has worked in countless commercial, corporate and civil litigations and disputes.