Tanzania’s IMMMA Advocates Parts Ways With Fatma Karume 

Fatma Karume

Fatma Karume I Courtesy

IMMMA Advocates, a law firm in Tanzania has parted ways with Fatma Karume where she has served for over 10 years as a senior partner.

Ms Karume posted on her Twitter account a letter addressed to her by the law firm’s Managing Partner Sadock Magai.

“Please be advised that the equity Partners (other than yourself) met on September 16, 2020, to deliberate the relationship which subsists between them and yourself and resolved that they no longer wish to carry on the business of IMMMA Advocates in common with you..” reads a part of the letter.

“You will be compensated in accordance with Article 3.5(b) and other relevant provisions of the Partnership Agreement and applicable law,” the law firm said.

However, Fatma says, “…I have been FIRED from the Firm that I helped build. My sin: “ACTIVISM”.

“6 lawyers draft and sign a cease and desist letter to another lawyer for daring to express herself on the regression of democracy and rule of law in  Tanzania dubbing it “political activism”, seemingly clueless of one’s Constitutional right to freedom of expression,” she Tweeted Tuesday.

In 2019, she was suspended from practicing for allegedly making remarks in her submission in a case challenging the appointment of Prof. Adelardus Kilangi as Attorney General of Tanzania.