Covid-19 Boosts Digital Payments for Glovo

Glovo Extends Operations to Ngong, Ongata Rongai

A Glover in the the streets of Nairobi I Khusoko

Use of digital payments is soaring for Glovo, the on-demand delivery start-up, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in Kenya.

The value of transactions witnessed on the Glovo platform saw cashless payments made by bank cards increase by 50 percent and mobile payments by 14 percent in Kenya.

“During this period, we have witnessed changes in shopping patterns due to the shift in preferences by consumers hence this has helped us to focus more on addressing what the consumer needs,” said Glovo general manager for Kenya Priscilla Muhiu.

Deliveries, grocery orders rose by 30 percent, while the company also saw a 25 percent increase in the sale of cleaning agents and hygiene products such as disinfectants, sanitizers and antiseptic cream. 

Downloads of the Glovo app increased between 20 – 25 percent in the country.