Tuskys Resumes Operations in Kisumu After Paying Rent Arrears

Tuskys Resumes Operations in Kisumu After Paying Rent Arrears

Tuskys United Mall Branch manager Wilson Kanyi walks out after opening the doors of the retailer. PHOTO: TUSKYS

United Mall management in Kisumu on Friday said it will still auction Tuskys’ goods if they default the August rent.

The latest announcement was made after the retailer paid KSh15 million out of KSh26 million rent arrears according to auctioneers who had been told to auction its goods.

“Tuskys has sent us proof of payment for rent arrears up to the end of July. Kindly confirm the receipt of the same. Please note that we have to immediately open up the supermarket since the attached only took place for the arrears,” read a letter from A letter dated August 21, 2020, by auctioneer Felix Apollo.

In relation to the retailer’s unexpected closure on Thursday by Victoria Blues Services Auctioneers, in a Tweet from its official account, it said “Sometimes life surprises us you know.  We apologize for the inconvenience caused and look forward to another chance of servicing you.”

“…just a few retail issues but hey we are here and guess what, we didn’t wanna let you go,” the retailer said in a response to an inquiry. 

Tuskys Chief Executive Dan Githua in a separate statement said they have resolved the ‘misunderstanding with the landlord in question, who has been a long term partner.’

“We are in the process of onboarding a long term strategic partner that will provide the necessary support for our wider stakeholder’s community,” said the chief executive.

The retailer also disclosed that through its custodial trading platform with its suppliers, they have been able to complete three cycles of payments. This is part of its strategic arrangement with suppliers to guarantee prompt payments for stocks supplied.

Currently, they have onboarded 62 percent of the targeted number of 300 trading arrangements and the supplier portal.