Huawei Kenya, Partners Hold Online Job Fair with 40 Positions Available

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Huawei Kenya and partners organized an online job fair seeking to hire more than 40 professional ICT workers.

The 40 positions include IP/IT Solution Engineers for the Enterprise Business division, Software Service Engineers as well as Technical Solution Engineers.

ICT Principal Secretary Dr Jerome Ochieng who attended the job fair said Kenya will continue to expand the IT infrastructure across the country to facilitate firms to transfer jobs online as well as enable Kenyans to seek online jobs. 

During this COVID-19 period, the country is more dependent on ICT than ever before.


But Kenya is in a relatively good position thanks to the investments and progress in the last 10-20 years by the government, private sector and other stakeholders.

Existing infrastructure, online services, and e-government require talent to build, maintain and support them whilst also advancing new developments for Kenya to utilize technology to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, recover faster after the pandemic, and to speed up the country’s long-term growth.

Currently, over 80 percent of the population is covered by a 3G network and able to access multiple government services online whilst also doing business, transacting money, and getting health information online.

The government is calling on the private sector to transfer some of the workloads online to keep workers employed and reduce cases of massive job losses.

The government is seeking to expand the Ajira Digital Programme to reach 5 million youths across the country.

Huawei says since setting up the East Africa Training Center in 2008, they have hired thousands of local people during that time and on average 2,000 Kenyans are working on Huawei projects directly, or indirectly, at any time.

“We realized a long time ago that the key to our success, and the key to Kenya’s success, would be in education and talent. We have provided hundreds of internships through Seeds for the Future program, trained 130 lecturers and over 2,500 students through the ICT Academy program,” noted Will Meng, Deputy CEO of Huawei Kenya.

They have also provided hundreds of internships through Seeds for the Future program, trained 130 lecturers, and over 2,500 students through the ICT Academy program.