Guinness Launches new Guinness Smooth Into Kenyan Market

Guinness Launches new Guinness Smooth Into Kenyan Market

Peter Simpson (left) Master Brewer - Guinness, Sheila Kimani (center) and Graham Villiers-Tuthill (right) KBL Innovations and Marketing Manager during the Guinness Smooth Launch in Kisumu.

Guinness, a subsidiary of Diageo Plc, has launched Guinness Smooth into the Kenyan market, a new addition to its portfolio.

Made from hops and roasted barley with a touch of local flavours, the company describes the drink to have a uniquely smooth and refreshing taste. It has 4.5% Alcohol by Volume (ABV).

The local brewing team in Kenya has worked closely with the international brewers in Dublin, the home of Guinness, to deliver an exciting and stand out beer that is perfect for casual get-togethers with friends.

Mr. Kennedy Mwangi, Head Brewer, Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) says, “Guinness Smooth is brewed using only the finest natural ingredients, many of which are sourced locally.  With the coffee and rich notes from the roasted barley marrying with a fruity, butterscotch flavour from the brewing process, Guinness Smooth is truly unique.”

Dublin based brewer, Peter Simpson, who has worked with the local team comments: “I am passionate about developing character-led, flavourful beers so it has been great to work collaboratively with local brewers. With their local knowledge on taste and what resonates with customers here, and my experience of creating new beers, together we have crafted a product that is perfect for everyone in Kenya to enjoy when out to catch up with friends.”

A few weeks ago, the Irish brewer unveiled a new lager dubbed ‘Guinness Hop House 13’ to capture the Market. 

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