Ziki Sound, East Africa’s top music streaming service 

Ziki Sound, an online music streaming service that enables artists to share is now available in East Africa.

The platform enables users to listen to tracks for free and engage with their favourite music artists.

A beta version of Ziki is currently being tested prior to its official launch mid this year.

The company  says the platform enables music artists and fans to:

“Connect with Fans, Labels, Artists,” all on one platform praised for its compatibility with platforms and devices.

“This is a clean, sleek user interface. Easy to use. We have adopted a simplistic approach,” says Dan Coded, its developer. “It is an opportunity for the local artists and labels to reach fans,” he adds.

Dan says it is a platform that will be at the forefront of developing the urban music scene in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.p

“It is a platform that will benefit many upcoming artists. It gives an alternative to them in a market that is highly competitive especially with the already established artists within the region,” he says.

With its simplistic user interface, any artists who signs up is able to organize his/her tracks. The artist is also able to easily manage the account; which tracks are the most popular and how many have been downloaded.

“The platform is free but is an artist or music label wants to be featured, they have to apply for a premium subscription,” says Dan adding that revenue will be generated through ads that target the millennials.

He says currently, he is working with independent artists and labels “To create a diverse mix of music to create seamless music across the platform.”

Accordingly, his satisfaction will be Ziki helping an artist to break through to an audience with their music.

Ziki streaming music is currently calling for artists to sign up and listeners to share their reviews for a better listening experience.

In Africa, music content is available on platforms such as Youtube, Songa, Mdundo, Mziiki, Mkito.

Global players include Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Apple Music, Soundcloud among others.

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