Triumph for Tom Ojienda's quest to the Judicial Service Commission

A Nairobi High Court judge has issued a mandatory injunction against Kenya Revenue Authority, compelling it to issue Prof. Tom Ojienda his tax compliance certificate.
The court has also directed the Law Society of Kenya to accept the professor’s nomination papers without the compliance certificate if KRA fails to comply with the order.
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This is a reprieve to Ojienda who is seeking for another term as a Judicial Service Commission member.

KRA cited an “ongoing dispute” as the reason for declining to issue the tax compliance certificate.
According to KRA, it was “not sure” whether Professor Ojienda had fully complied with his obligation to remit taxes to the authority.
LSK, on the other hand, had declined to nominate Professor Ojienda, and even got enjoined in the KRA case saying that Ojienda was not “suitable for the nomination” due to allegations by KRA and for failure to secure the compliance certificate from KRA.

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