Version 2:  April 2021



Khusoko is East Africa’s multimedia business platform where you find the latest news from the financial markets including analysis on top business stories, stock markets in East Africa.

In principle, Khusoko’s key goal is to be the preferred choice for business readers. This by standing out for reporting that stresses accuracy and credibility, commentary that is informed, independent and fair, making sense of the swiftly changing global business world.

Recognising the emergence of new media platforms as a powerful outlet for the dissemination of information, Khusoko has singled out social media as a key outlet. However, it notes the highly fluid nature of information flow on social media platforms and therefore sets out this policy to govern its engagement.

This policy provides a framework to help Khusoko staff effectively use such platforms without undermining their professionalism and compromising the platforms’ credibility as an independent, objective and timely provider of factual and non-biased news and information. The provisions of this policy are binding on anyone who communicates for and/or on behalf of Khusoko on social media, whether via their personal account(s) or through organisational accounts.

Core Purpose

Khusoko’s core purpose on social networks is to be the timely provider of reliable, credible, factual and non-biased information regarding analysis of market insights into Africa’s business investment as well as global trends that impact East African business. Hence, Khusoko deliberately chooses to be on social media so as to report factual information fast to the right people. Officials and staff responsible for publishing to social media will ensure that verification processes are put in place to consistently provide timely and accurate information. Where there is a dilemma whether to publish first or verify first, verification shall always win. However, if verification is taking a reasonably long time, Khusoko audiences will be notified that the platform is working to establish the facts before publishing. Overall, Khusoko and its staff will be responsible for what is published on social media and shall exercise good judgement, common sense, and good taste at all times.

News Content 

Khusoko exists as a credible source of information on market insights into Africa’s business investment. Its core audience is  clients and readers. This standard goes to the core of Khusoko existence and will apply to both organisational and staff accounts.

The occurrence of fast-changing events may require frequent updates to help meet the timeliness value. However, to avoid spamming Khusoko’s social media audience, this duty will be performed with care. In the event it emerges that information that has been published is not accurate, the social media officer on duty will ensure that a quick retraction/correction is made and the facts clarified. Care should be taken to ensure that mistakes are not aggravated in a rush to put out a correction.


Khusoko’s success depends on how many people its information reaches. It is therefore a deliberate strategy of the platform to consistently and continually expand its audience base. Effort and tactics will therefore be put in place to drive audience growth so as to increase Khusoko’s influence on social media conversations on financial matters. 


Social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Sound Cloud and Instagram is a work necessity. Khusoko staff are generally encouraged to join and participate in social media networks. However, Khusoko subscribes to strict observance of journalism ethics in all social media engagement. Officials and members of staff are advised to be aware of possible conflict between their personal updates and official updates and should take precautions to ensure that they do nothing that brings Khusoko into disrepute.

The guiding beacon is to broadly conform to Khusoko’s key principles and values, especially those that espouse independence, impartiality, objectivity, fairness and balance. This policy expressly outlaws any use of profane or offensive language, whether one is using a personal account or an organisational account. Lastly, be authentic by clearly declaring that you are a staff member or an official of Khusoko.


Social networking sites provide an effective way for people to maintain contact with friends. However, through the open nature of such sites, it is also possible for third parties to collate vast amounts of information. Staff should be mindful of the information they disclose on social networking sites. They should be careful of what they put on their profile and who has access to it. 

Political Allegiance

Khusoko staff should never indicate their political allegiance on social networking sites. The risk of breaching this requirement lies in profile information or through joining political groups on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Linked In and  Instagram. This is especially important because while staff have the freedom to hold political thoughts and subscribe to political positions, political partisanship by staff when explicitly communicated or discerned from online interaction can therefore colour their work for Khusoko, and eventually undermine the platforms perceived independence and non-partisanship.


Social media is only one channel that Khusoko uses to communicate, albeit a key one. Officials and staff should therefore read with the policy with any other relevant ones that govern Khusoko’s interaction with its audiences.