6 Important Social Media Tips to Grow Your Small Business

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Over the past decade, businesses have embraced social media to reach more customers, build brand visibility or online presence and drive sales.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in the game, social media marketing can make your business reach its full potential.

Besides, using social media doesn’t require you to spend considerable money to attract more customers. You must have a strategic campaign plan that will have an effective outcome.

For your next campaign, here is a list of 6 tips to help you grow your small businesses through social media marketing.

Pick a platform best for your business

Before starting your official online campaigns, you must consider a social media platform that will conform to your product or services.

For example, you can use Instagram to showcase visual products like jewellery, clothes, and shoes.

On the other hand, Twitter works as a powerful platform for building customer relations and service.

Meanwhile, since Facebook is the most popular platform on web pages, it will help you to build a community around it by creating and liking pages related to your business.

Depending on the goals or objectives you set for your business, choosing the right platform will help you stand out amidst crowded online businesses.

Keep Up With Trends

As a business with clear objectives in the 21st century, you must be up to date with everything happening in the digital space.

You can do this by reading blogs, magazines, books, and publications about new technologies and innovations relevant to your industry or field of business.

You can also join online groups with people in your field and attend events to see which consumers use current channels.

Use live Video

This is the best way to engage with your customers one-on-one, respond to their queries and give a behind the scene to show them just what goes in the office.

You can use live videos to create tutorials that direct people on how to do something that relates to your business or show them the day-to-day workings of your company.

Host a contest/giveaway

This is a creative way of attracting and retaining your customers’ attention and giving them a reason to come to you.

You can use a simple form on your website that can allow anyone to enter the contest and then run the competition on one social platform.

Meanwhile, if you are giving a physical prize, ensure you include the shipping fee in the item’s price.

Work With other business influencers

When you collaborate with other business influencers, you can leverage one another’s following and increase your exposure online. The ingredient is collaborating with someone relevant to your field.

For example, consider a partnership with a hairstylist, not an accountant, if you have a salon.

Use paid advertising

Paid advertising, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook ads, is a great way to reach an audience that might not otherwise come across your content online.

Set based on location, interests, and demographics allows your business to reach the people most likely interested in your product or services.

Tools such as Google Analytics or Universal Analytics work well with Instagram to track the number of users who visit your site after clicking an ad.

Include a Call to Action

Social media marketing allows you to create one call to action per post.

Remember to tell the customer why they should get your products and services and where and how to get them on every post.

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