5 Coffee Habits You Must Check to Increase Your Lifespan

Coffee Mug Surrounded With Coffee Beans

Drinking coffee regularly has been linked to various health risks. Of course, the beverage has a lot of benefits for our bodies, but if you have irritable bowel syndrome or gut issues, consistent anxiety, or you’re in the process of breastfeeding, then it is not for you.

Even those who do not have these underlying conditions should exercise caution when drinking coffee in order to avoid some simple to complex complications that could shorten one’s life.

Check if you’re taking too Much Coffee

If you have a habit of visiting your favourite coffee shop every morning and evening, then this is worth noting.

According to a study, taking more than four cups a day can have a negative effect on your lifespan.

Although the study clarifies that drinking 28 cups of the beverage per week (four cups per day) is safe, drinking more poses a risk and can shorten your life.

Check if Your Coffee is drowning in sugar

Most people do not bother to look at the nutrition information for their usual coffee order. According to research, eating too much sugar is a sure way to die early.

The fact that sugar can cause dehydration is a real danger. If you do not control this habit, your chances of developing diabetes increase.

Check if you’re adding too much creamer

Those who make coffee at home fall victim to this all the time. Instead of using a sugary coffee creamer, why not go for a little milk or even almond milk?

However, if you must use sweeter coffee, then you must be careful of the amount of creamer you put in your cup of coffee.

Check if you’re taking too much caffeine

People who are sensitive to caffeine might need to watch out for this one. Research shows that caffeine might have negative effects such as anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and an increased heart rate.

But if you love to take a cup of coffee every morning, there is an option for you. Black decaf coffee can be a very good alternative for caffeine.

Check if you’re not taking coffee at all

As much as this beverage has some negative health consequences, there are quite a number of benefits it has for your health, even longevity!

According to the American Association of Retired Persons ( AARP), those who drink at least one cup of coffee a day have a lower risk of death compared o those who abstain by 10 to 15 per cent.

It’s time you consider making yourself a cup of the beverage in the morning.

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