Meet “Hack The Mara” Eight Developers and Innovators Finalists

Top eight teams to compete in physical hackathon taking place in the Mara, Kenya from 17th-26th of September 2022

Mara, the Pan-African blockchain platform, has announced the eight finalist teams of the “Hack The Mara” competition. 

These finalists have been invited to a physical hackathon in the Maasai Mara, Kenya, taking place from 17th-26th of September 2022, to determine which teams will emerge as the overall winners of the hackathon.

The Mara Hackathon celebrates African Web3 developers and innovators working to solve last-mile payment tracking challenges and strengthen the financial sustainability of ongoing conservation projects in the Mara for better livelihoods. 

Mara will award the top solutions with up to $100,000 in funding, entry into startup accelerator programmes, mentorship and other resources to build their solutions.

Team AfroLabs (Nigeria) – a team of young blockchain explorers building Web3 solutions, breeding a culture and building Africa.

The team is made up of Obinna Oba, a full-stack developer with interest in building in the web3 space for startups in Africa; Anthony Nwobodo, a full-stack software engineer and blockchain developer; and Chisom Aniefuna, a 400 level Pharmacy student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka who loves blockchain and all the promises its innovation can help the world with.

Team BlockDash (Nigeria) – a team combining a wealth of experience in software development and blockchain technologies to build highly performant systems.

The team comprises Obinna Onuoha, a full-stack software engineer with experience building highly scalable user-facing applications; Hakeem Kazeem, a data scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the information services industry; and Nofisat Ayanlola, a frontend developer skilled in data science and frontend coding.

Team FedhaPay (Kenya) – a team that builds easy-to-use DeFi solutions for locals.

The team comprises Humphry Shikunzi, a software developer skilled in blockchain development and UI/UX design; Maxwell Mwangi, a full-stack software engineer interested in Web3; and Jackline Tum, a product designer who loves to use technology to solve problems and make an impact.

Team BlockHackers (Nigeria) – a team of experienced Web3 professionals with solutions that provides 100% transparency and security.

The team is made up of Solomon Ayo, an experienced software engineer with proficiency in blockchain development and backend development; Oluwayimika Oladipupo, a Mechatronics Engineering student who doubles as a full stack developer; and Chinwendu Iheanetu, an experienced project manager who has worked with several teams in various tech competitions and two startups.

Team Blocverse (Nigeria) – a team with a mission to drive blockchain adoption in Africa through building everyday products with web3 technologies.

The team comprises Toochukwu Okoro, a smart-contract developer; Joshua Avoaja, a software developer with technical implementation skills; and Teresa Amanwachi, a researcher and technical writer.

Team Relic (Kenya) – an all-ladies team qualified to think, plan and execute solutions effectively.

The team is made up of Martha Mwangi, a software developer that enjoys solving problems at the bright and crisp interface between users and business logic; Rachel Chege, a graphic designer and a product designer for web and mobile applications leveraging Web2 and Web3; and Velma Krop, a team player skilled in project management, presentations, blockchain, DAOs and community management.

Team Mastermind (Nigeria) – a team with three engineers focused on building impactful USSD blockchain solutions in Web3. The team comprises Babatide Ayoade, a blockchain developer; Oluwasegun Abisagbo, a frontend developer and Patience Adajah, a frontend d-App engineer skilled in UI/UX design.

Team Sahara (Kenya) – a group of friends seeking to change the world by utilising the current trends in technology to build simple solutions that solve major crises. According to them, ‘Occam’s razor is still sharp’.

The team comprises Dennis Mutua, a software engineer specialising in blockchain and smart contracts development; Beatrice Kirii, a software developer skilled in code knowledge, research and testing; and Maina Gichuru, a software engineer skilled in smart contracts development.


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