Safaricom Refutes Claim It is ‘killing’ Reverse Call Service

Reverse Call is a service that allows a customer to make a call with or without airtime and the receiver of the call pays on the caller’s behalf.

A Safaricom reverse call allows a customer to have the receiver pay for the call on their behalf.

Peter Ndegwa has refuted claims that Safaricom is “killing” its reverse call service stating that they are ‘untrue’.

The telco’s chief executive assured Safaricom customers that the service is still in place.

“This is untrue. We continue to provide this service as it addresses a key need to a large part of our customer base,” he said in a tweet.

Safaricom introduced the Reverse Call feature in 2019 to compliment the “Please Call Me” feature that lets customers send a maximum of five message requests to be called back in a day.

The service only applies for Safaricom to Safaricom calls and not other networks. In addition, they cannot be used for international calls.

How To Make A Reverse Call 

  1. Type # before the number you wish to call e.g. #07xx xxx xxx
  2. Press the call button

The person receiving the call will answer and get a message prompting them to either accept or decline to pay for the call.

The receiver will be expected to Press 1 to accept or 2 to decline and will be charged as per regular calling rates.

If they decline, the call will be disconnected.

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