Letters From Abroad Reflections from @LHoCreations 

LHoCreations / The Empowerment Initiative is a self funded social enterprise.

@LHoCreations was originally created by two immigrant sisters that identify Kenya and Botswana as their homes.

@LHoCreations‘s purpose is to connect and empower people across cultural lines through various initiatives. 

Do you ever ask, where we belong?
As a people?
As human beings?
Last on the list for so many things… even medicine that everybody needs.
Are there places where some human beings shouldn’t be?

If war broke out tomorrow and we had to leave our current habitat… even if the war was from the earth, such as a violent earth storm, would we be able to recreate home elsewhere?

What of our identity?
How would we protect it?
Should it even be protected?

Should we, like chameleons, be able to adapt perhaps to the new?
Have you perhaps thought of how to change and make your skin colour more acceptable for certain appetites?
So you can blend in with the new circumstances that surround you?

Do you ever wonder where you belong?
Do you plan to discuss violence and why it should not be part of our elections or be inspired by our bodies?

Are you brave enough to be that person in the room?
What if it makes you no longer able to be seen as a member?
Will the lack of identity in that way buy your loudest silence?

Do you see yourself elsewhere… in another country?
Are you ready for those aches and pains?
It burns sometimes here.

Do you ever wonder about how your skin colour might be a crime?

Do you ever wonder how it must be for those that have only ever known abroad and have wondered how they can fit into a place that on most days of the week does not want them indeed, though it says the opposite via certain political parties and their members that could do more, but have forgotten how to challenge things?

Do you ever ask where we belong?
Those with heartbeats.
I promise we have heartbeats as well. 

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