Twiga Foods Invests $10M into New Farming Subsidiary, Twiga Fresh

Twiga Foods is investing $10 Million into a new subsidiary, Twiga Fresh that is focused on modern and commercial farming.

Twiga Foods, a Kenyan tech-enabled food distribution platform is investing $10 Million into a new subsidiary that is focused on modern and commercial farming.

Through Twiga Fresh, it looks to scale efficient production of domestic horticultural staples like onions, tomatoes and watermelons making it one of the largest single horticultural farms in Africa, focused purely on the domestic market.

Twiga Fresh will be funded through debt in partnership with Development Financial Institutions, focused on primary agriculture and food security.

“The commodity-driven volatility in the world today is causing an unprecedented level of food inflation across the world. In Africa, we can least afford this disruption, and that is why we are excited about the imminent impact our technology-enabled supply chain will have in reducing the cost of food,” says Peter Njonjo, CEO and Co-Founder of Twiga.

“We are launching Twiga Fresh through a $10m investment in a modern farm, supplementing our small farmer supply, with a capacity of 150,000 tons annually. We are sampling 1M kgs of fresh produce to our customers. Prices are about to start coming down!

The launch of the new unit comes after the Kenyan agri-tech firm in November 2021 raised US$50 Million in a Series C round to scale its efforts in Kenya and other neighbouring countries.


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