Kenchic Says it’s Committed to Welfare of Animal and Food Safety

Kenchic launched guidelines and commitments to guarantee the safety of its chicken products and uphold their rights

Kenchic MD Jim Tozer

Chicken meat company Kenchic says it is committed to animal welfare standards and food safety.

The company on Thursday launched guidelines and commitments it says would guarantee the safety of its products and uphold the rights of the chicken it rears for business.

The commitments include animal welfare policy, Antimicrobial Usage Policy, Food Safety Policy, Waste, and Emissions Policy, Culling and Euthanasia Policy, and Environmental Enrichment.

The launch of these commitments and policies is part of the company’s journey in aligning with global standards and improving the standards in the local poultry industry regarding animal welfare and food safety. 

Kenchic Managing Director Jim Tozer said that the company’s farms and facilities adhere to the strictest food safety and animal welfare protocols laid down by entities like World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

“Kenchic chickens are reared in bio-secure and stable environments with ample space for them to move around in, allowing them to behave naturally and live free from stress and harm,” he said.

In addition to these new commitments, the company is currently working on a sustainability plan that will ensure Kenchic becomes a carbon neutral business and a NetZero energy producer, including that it reaches its target of phasing out plastic packaging by the end of 2030.

Its lead veterinarian Watson Messo said that there is a clear connection between animal welfare, food safety, productivity, and consumer preferences and hence the strict guidelines.

“We strive to ensure all our chickens are kept in the very best conditions to ensure food safety. We are continuously committed to positioning our business to fully meet and exceed international and national standards, including but not limited to our food safety and farming practices in line with animal welfare to deliver the highest quality products our consumers can trust.”

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