What Are the Benefits of Investing in SC Shilingi Funds?

If you are looking to invest in money market funds, SC Shilingi Funds, a Standard Chartered Bank product is a great place to start.

Money market funds have always been touted as a simple, profitable, and risk-free investment option compared to others. It protects your capital, that is, your initial investment and any additional top-ups) from loss. It makes one of the most viable ways of making money as a conservative investor.

The benefits you earn from money market funds are pretty modest since they are derived using compound interest. Every shilling that you invest is working for you – it constantly makes interest on top of your interests.

 What you save is consequently invested in highly liquid, short-term instruments or government securities with a maturity of less than a year. But why should you invest in a money market fund? 

Investing in this type of unity trust fund helps you beat inflation. You can be sure that your money is parked in a safe place for long-term inflation-adjusted growth through money market funds. This means that the purchasing power of your money does not plummet over the years.

The funds are also managed by professionals and a dedicated research team who make valuable financial decisions that meet the objectives of the money market fund plan. These experts have real-time access to valuable market information and can execute trades on some of the most cost-effective scales.

Money market funds make an excellent option for the diversification of your portfolio. If one stock within the fund is not doing well, the other stocks will continue to grow the portfolio. As such, you can mitigate investment risks to a large extent by investing in other instruments as well.

The best part is that you can easily get started even with limited capital. The amount you begin with often depends on the fund manager. However low the amount you start with, you will receive long-term equity benefits.

If you invest money in a money market fund, you can withdraw your funds with 24-hours notice. This is the advantage a money market fund has over an equity income fund, which is more long-term and has a fixed maturity period.

Getting Started with Money Market Fund

If you are looking to invest in money market funds, SC Shilingi Funds is a great place to start. SC Shilingi Funds is a Standard Chartered Bank product ideal for anyone looking for an investment that aligns with their short-term financial goals. 

With your side hustle, a small business, or a desire to save every day, this type of Unity Trust Fund will complement your efforts and help you develop a savings culture.

When you invest in SC Shilingi Funds: 

  • Your funds are invested in quality short-term securities like Treasury Bills, fixed deposit instruments, high-quality corporate commercial, and near cash holdings.
  • You earn a higher return than the usually fixed deposit rates
  • Low, transparent cost. Only a one-off fee by Standard Chartered Investment Services Ltd and the usual fund management charges will apply.
  • You get the convenience of buying or selling units in your investment in a few clicks from the comfort of your home or office using the SC Mobile App
  • Unlimited withdrawals that are free of cost

Investing in SC Shilingi Funds offers you the opportunity to enjoy significant economies of scale as an investor. And because you are investing in a large pool of funds with professional fund managers, the risk of losing your investment is low. Click here to get started today.

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