Twitter Considering Adding an Edit Button, But Will Take Time

Twitter confirms it's considering adding an edit button

Twitter is exploring adding an edit button it said on Tuesday.

If actualized, the edit button would appear in the dropdown menu on an already-published tweet, alongside the delete and pin buttons.

“We’re kicking off testing within @TwitterBlue Labs in the coming months to learn what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible,” a tweet from the communications team said.

Jay Sullivan, the head of consumer product at Twitter,  confirmed the possible change. 

“Edit has been the most requested Twitter feature for many years,” he said. “People want to be able to fix (sometimes embarrassing) mistakes, typos and hot takes in the moment. They currently work around this by deleting and tweeting again.”

Sullivan warned, however, that “Edit could be misused to alter the record of the public conversation,” and Twitter’s goal is to protect “the integrity of that public conversation.”

“Therefore, it will take time and we will be actively seeking input and adversarial thinking in advance of launching Edit,” he wrote. “We will approach this feature with care and thoughtfulness and we will share updates as we go.”

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