Ayagigs Announces a Future of Work Talent Marketplace for Africans

Ayagigs provides a platform where you can work at your own pace with organisations that know the worth of your skills and talents.

Ayagigs has announced the launch of its multipurpose African talent marketplace. This platform will enable talents across Africa to build skills, work for local & foreign companies and earn in crypto stablecoins (cUSD, USDT, BUSD, USDC).

What is Ayagigs?

Ayagigs is a curated talent marketplace for global businesses to access vetted web3 African Talents. We are positioning as a multipurpose talent marketplace matching businesses with vetted professionals enabled by the security and trust of blockchain technology.

The focus is to onboard African talents who are resilient and ready to add value to the global web3 adoption and increasing need for such curated talents. 

Aya Founder Eric Annan stated:

“The total available market for Digital Professional services (Mastercard Foundation) is valued at $7.7B with a 17% Compound Annual Growth Rate. At Ayagigs, we have a Serviceable Available Market of $1.29B and a Serviceable Obtainable Market of $200M. Additional findings by JP Morgan estimate the global gig/freelancing marketplace to be approximately $300 billion as of 2020 and will grow to $455 billion by 2023.”

The Talent Marketplace for Africans

While Upwork already seemed to have won the lion’s share of the Gig marketplace for digital professional services, competing new entrants are still striving to find their niche and prepare for a future where digitally transferable skills mean more than providing short-term gigs with the uncertainty of what is to come. 

Ayagigs, on the other hand, plans to stand out and become the go-to talent marketplace for scouting, developing and upskilling Africans making us the first point of entry into Web3 in Africa. Every stakeholder in our community-centric ecosystem owns a piece of Ayagigs, as multi-digital talents and businesses engage the platform.

Every top Talent marketplace primarily has a strong focus on software technology talent. While this seems like the quickest win Ayagigs believes there are other creative skills such as Crypto Traders, Educators, Consultants, Dancers, Bloggers, Content Creator, Fashion designers, Organist, Pianists, Translators, Teachers (IT, Emotional Intelligence, Kids Foundations, Psychologist,) Fitness Trainers (Yoga, Martial Arts, Dietitians etc) that can also provide their services virtually and get paid just as an SEO Specialist or Web3 Engineer. 

How does Ayagigs work?

The first-ever 3Cs – Community, Customer-Focus & Care.

Ayagigs is building the solution with you in mind, you will help them create the first-ever 3Cs (Community, Customer-Focus & Care) product to proactively meet the needs of all their ecosystem participants. Several incentive packages that reward await you as it iterates the product in subsequent versions.

The African continent is young, and it presents an opportunity for the future of work. Ayagigs plans to remove the constraints faced by millions of Africans and create a new reality for value creation, exchange and borderless living.

Ayagig’s Vision

Ayagigs’s vision is to build a world in which people are freely given opportunities to do meaningful work, to add value for themselves and others. The Web3 frontier will bring about the next revolution that will bring this change into reality. Ayagigs is building Upwork for Africa powered by cryptocurrency stablecoin payments.

Ayagigs plans to build a multi-language, community-first talent marketplace for everyone with a Digitally Transferable Skill cutting across all disciplines from Technology, Consulting, Marketing, Writing, etc. Without a shadow of a doubt, using cryptocurrencies solves the issue of payment and income disparities. 

With the unique approach to education first, Ayagigs believes businesses all over Africa and beyond will adopt using stablecoins as a means to attract top-tier freelancers to work for them.

Businesses can select talents that understand their cultural dynamics and communicate better in their language, to solve their problem with little room for errors. Money lost can be found, but time wasted due to the above is very catastrophic for business, that is why Ayagigs is solving this with a curated, geolocation algorithm to remove those barriers.

Ayagigs’s Value Proposition

Why Ayagigs? None is solving the problems with the Freelancer in mind just like how a typical newbie out of school, with no experience, is trusted to get his or her first GIG to enable them secure tools to make them productive.

In order to guarantee each business gets the talent that has what it takes to deliver what they want, Ayagigs believes that, while both are valid, Ayagigs will provide incentives for both parties in the form of guarantees (Trust), where Ayagigs serves as a bridge between the classroom to the boardroom with non-complicated GIGs to high-level Enterprise solutions at all levels.

Ayagigs’s approach to building the perfect solution marketplace without compromising on identity theft, biases based on where you come from, and other compliance-related issues include; enabling possibilities with the shared responsibility of providing a safe landing for everyone in our ecosystem (Internal Team, Regulators, Partners, Customers, Investors, Community).  

Think of Ayagigs as a multipurpose talent marketplace. A brand that gives hope to Creativity at all levels and provides them with a community of buyers and mentors that support their craft with an easy signup process.

Ayagigs means resilience and it’s on the path to becoming the #1 multilanguage talent placement platform in Africa. We make sourcing for talent seamless with our 30 minutes scope call to enable both non-technical and technical business teams to identify what matters most from a talent. Book an appointment with us for the scope session.

Past programs

Ayagigs has bootstrapped this journey within the last 14 months by participating in interesting programs, which include:


Ayagigs received investment funding from Flori Ventures to help us take off. Also, Ayagigs is looking forward to attracting backers and strategic investors who believe in Conscious Business Philosophies and are committed to setting Ayagigs up for massive positive impact.

Upcoming Official Launch

With over 750 interviews conducted, over $16,000 in total short/midterm contracts manually matching talents to business in USA, UK, Canada, Nigeria etc.  Ayagigs is building the MVP to be launched in Q1, 2022, but since its core belief is centred on You (Community, Customer-Focus and Care), they need your feedback as the first to use the MVP after the launch. 

How to sign up on Ayagigs: 

Join the waitlist here, fill out the form as a talent or as a business with a talent need. Have any questions, concerns or feedback on how Ayagigs works, fill out this form and we will get back to you with answers. Want to know more about Ayagigs, our mission and our vision? Visit our About Us section for more information.

This story has been published from a wire agency feed without modifications to the text. 

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