Chicken Cottage Taps Hass Petroleum Group’ Footprint to Expand in Kenya

Grilled combo from Global restaurant chain Chicken Cottage Ltd

Chicken Cottage Limited, a UK-based fast-food chain is now aiming to tap into Hass Petroleum Group’s market to increase footprints in Kenya.

The chain plans to open 50 outlets at Hass Petroleum’s service stations in Kenya and the rest of East Africa beginning April it said in an emailed statement.

The expansion is through a franchise deal with Express Kitchen, a subsidiary of AAH Limited, the majority shareholder of Hass Petroleum Group.

Hass Petroleum Group operates 150 petrol stations in ten African countries.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Express Kitchen Ltd and their experienced team to bring our famous Chicken Cottage products to new customers across East Africa,” said Chicken Cottage group chief executive Shahrin Imran.

Under the franchise deal, Chicken Cottage which runs 75 restaurants across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, will open outlets at Hass’s properties in Kenya alongside Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda starting with Nairobi in April.

“The first four restaurants are earmarked to launch this year with the first scheduled to open in Nairobi, Kenya in April 2022,” the firm said.

Abdinasir Ali Hassan, Chairman of Express Kitchen Ltd and Hass Petroleum Group, said: “The Chicken Cottage high-quality halal fried, and grilled chicken products and its forward-thinking ethos complement our strategy to deliver a holistic  family-friendly destination for our consumers.”

The partnership with Chicken Cottage follows a similar deal recently announced with international pizza brand Papa John’s.

The deal will strengthen Chicken Cottage’s presence in Africa following the opening of the first two restaurants in Nigeria and build on the 75 restaurants it operates across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  The partnership will also empower Hass Petroleum to leverage its significant retail footprint as it introduces new customers to Chicken Cottage.

Chicken Cottage which runs 75 restaurants across Europe, Africa, Asia, and Middle East, will compete locally with fast-food chains such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) which has 22 outlets. 

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