FedEx, Microsoft Unveil ‘Logistics-as-a-Service’ Solution for e-commerce

FedEx network intelligence will be brought together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create a "logistics as a service" for brands, merchants, and retailers.

Microsoft and FedEx on Monday announced a multi-year collaboration to transform commerce, supply chains and logistics.

The partnership brings FedEx network intelligence with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create a cross-platform “logistics as a service” offering for retailers, merchants and brands.

In 2020, the two announced a collaboration that includes joint product development. This involves the collection of data from the FedEx logistics network and analyze it through Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

“More than ever, it’s clear just how critical having a resilient supply chain is for every organization’s success in the modern economy,” said Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella in a joint press release.

“In that time, we’ve made significant progress, leveraging Microsoft Azure technology with our FedEx Surround solution, which provides critical support in enabling advanced monitoring of time-sensitive priority shipments. This next phase of our collaboration will continue to connect the unmatched supply chain insights from the FedEx network with the Microsoft Cloud to improve e-commerce experiences for brands, merchants and consumers,” said Raj Subramaniam, president and COO of FedEx Corp.

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