UK Announces £17 Mn to Support East Africa in Combating Climate Change Disasters

The World Food Programme says that some 2.4 million people in Kenya are at risk of going hungry, including more than 465,000 children due to prolonged drought

Houses submerged due to the rising waters of Lake Baringo in the Great Rift Valley due to the effects of climate Change.

The United Kingdom has announced £17m of support for East Africa to support initiatives that will mitigate climate change disasters.

The support will go to countries most affected by extreme drought – Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia and in South Sudan which is suffering from widespread flooding for a third consecutive year.

UK’s Minister for Africa Vicky Ford made the announcement while on a three-country visit to the region. 

“For countries in East Africa, climate change is not a future problem – it is driving a humanitarian emergency right now. Catastrophic droughts and floods, paired with ongoing conflicts and poor governance in Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia, are creating a perfect storm in East Africa which risks pushing hundreds of thousands of people into famine.”

“This funding package will provide vital assistance to almost a million people across the region, helping those affected to access clean water and healthy food.”

On the other hand, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Monday said it requires KSh 15.65 billion shillings in urgent funding to assist 1.5 million vulnerable people in communities in the Horn of Africa.

“We know from experience that supporting agriculture at moments like this is hugely impactful – that when we act fast and at the right moment to get water, seeds, animal feed, veterinary care, and much-needed cash to at-risk rural families, then hunger catastrophes can be averted,” FAO’s Director of Emergencies and Resilience Rein Paulsen said in a statement issued in Nairobi.

Climate Change to Impact More Than 200 million People by 2050: Report


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