Copia Plans Expansion, Eyes Tanzania and Rwanda Markets

Kenyan B2C e-commerce company Copia plans to expand to Rwanda and Tanzania

Kenyan e-commerce platform Copia has now set its sight on the Tanzania and Rwanda markets. It expanded in Uganda in May 2021.

Tim Steel, Copia Global Chief Executive Officer disclosed the firm’s imminent foray also into West African markets and southern Africa.

It’s “very possible” that entry into Rwanda and Tanzania will occur in 2022, subject to the progress of Covid-19,” Steele told The Africa Report.

Copia is the only e-commerce company in Kenya delivering goods beyond rural towns to interior areas. It serves middle to low-income consumers, regardless of their income level, access to technology, or location.

Its state of the art distribution model is anchored by a network of more than 25,000 agents across its current markets.

Established in 2013, Copia’s model leverages a network of digitally-enabled, locally based agents who operate as order and delivery points to meet consumers where they are, online or offline.

“Today, Copia serves over 1 million customers in Kenya, contributing to over $6 million economically,” it states on its website.