P2P Exchange Localbitcoins Unveils Mobile App

LocalBitcoins is a person-to-person bitcoin trading site.

LocalBitcoins, the world’s oldest and largest peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace has unveiled its new mobile application, available for Android and IOS users. The app is available across the world with thousands of downloads by LocalBitcoins customers.

The new app has the features available on its web platform as well as new features that make it easier for users to trade and secure their bitcoins.

Key Features Localbitcoins App

Some of the key features include the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin in an easy, fast and secure way while supporting more than 190 countries and nearly all global currencies. The app supports over 100 different payment methods and comes with a free Bitcoin wallet.

To enhance security, Localbitcoins has ensured biometric and two-factor authentication.

Localbitcoins is not charging deposit fees and no transaction fees between users. The app only charges a 1% escrow fee from advertisers and a withdrawal fee always based on Bitcoin blockchain fees.

According to Localbitcoins Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Jukka Blomberg, the company’s goal is to bring Bitcoin everywhere which is all about inclusion and accessibility.

“We are continuously listening to the needs of our customers worldwide and constantly aiming to improve and evolve our service to fulfil those. Many of our customers had been hoping for a mobile app as an option and as a result, we developed one,” Jukka Blomberg.

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