The LG OLED: What Makes It Tick?

Which OLED is your perfect match? LG OLED TVs now come in a wider variety of designs, sizes, specs, and prices.

There is the TV, then there is the LG OLED. Those are two different things. With so many TVs on the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose which TV suits you. Most people will go for the size because some believe, the bigger, the better.

But what makes LG OLED tick?

First, LG OLED TVs have self-lit pixels that turn on and off to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast. It is like a small world with its own sun that rises and sets depending on the needs. This ensures that you get what you watch as you need it.

A TV is not about how huge it is. If it were, then those huge TVs with extended behinds would still be the kings and queens of the viewing industry. That said, Self-lit pixel technology allows LG OLED TVs to be ultra-slim with perfect picture quality. At the same time, self-lit pixels can show the tiniest star in the darkest sky with absolute precision and clarity.

A great TV is defined by how it displays colours. You do not want to have one that has a “colour clash.” You would love to watch something in its original and organic colour. LG OLED TVs not only express perfect black, but also original colour. Intertek, a global testing agency based in the UK, has certified that LG OLED displays have 100 per cent colour fidelity.

This means on-screen colours closely match those of the original image. Color Fidelity tests determine the difference between the colour of an original image and the colour expressed by a display. Sample colours were extracted and used in the test.

What is more, LG OLED has evolved. The new panel has been redesigned with an added layer made of a stronger emissive material that refines the wavelengths of light. This increases efficiency and improves brightness with the same amount of light input. The materials used for OLED lighting have also been changed to enhance and strengthen light intensity. The result of all this is a brighter, sharper image, and a better viewing experience.

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