Oppo ColorOS 12 Based on Android 12 Announced

ColorOS 12 is based on Android 12, the revolutionary update of one of the world’s most popular OS. Crafted on that foundation, our own upgrades are carefully designed to make ColorOS 12 the most streamlined and intuitive experience imaginable.

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO has updated its Android operating system on its smartphones, ColorOS 12, is much improved from the previous one, ColorOS 11.

The new ColorOS update based on Android 12 will first be rolled out on the Find X3 Pro 5G, introducing an all-new inclusive UI, smoother performance, and rich features that help boost your everyday productivity as well as help achieve better work-life balance.

“OPPO’s target is to bring ColorOS 12 to over 110 models with 150 million users with ColorOS 12 by the end of 2022,” OPPO said in an emailed statement.

What is new on  ColorOS 12?

ColorOS 12 has made some achievements in addressing lags and stutters after prolonged usage, especially in anti-fragmentation and intelligent resource allocation, leading to a low 2.75% system ageing rate in 3 years, an average of 30% lower memory occupation and 20% lower battery consumption. 

The Quantum Animation Engine adopts more than 300 improved animations to achieve animated effects that are lifelike. By imitating physical habits of resistance, inertia and rebound, the feature makes the overall experience smoother and more aligned to the cognition and habits of the human brain so that the experience is more realistic and intuitive. 

Practical features such as PC Connect, 3-Finger Translate powered by Google Lens, FlexDrop and Phone Manager allow ColorOS 12 users to stay productive through multiple scenarios.

Which phones will get ColorOS 12?

The ColorOS 12 update will come to the Find X3 Pro 5G in October 2021, while the Find X2 and Reno 6 series phones will get it in November 2021.

In December 2021 the update will be available on the Reno 5 Pro 5G, F19 Pro+ and the A745G. 

Other devices including the Reno 10X Zoom, Reno 3 Pro, Reno 4 Pro and some more F-series and A-series phones will get the update in 2022.

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